Video - Nissan's all-new Note makes a splash at global launch party

Videa Nissan Note Nissan's all-new Note makes a splash at global launch party

Nissan's all-new Note makes a splash at global launch party

July 16 - Yokohama -- Nissan's all-new Note hatchback made a big splash Monday night at a glitzy global premiere in Yokohama's main pier district. The Japan-market version of the car goes on sale this fall, with Nissan aiming to deliver a more attractive design and improved fuel economy. A downsized but supercharged 1.2-liter engine provides power equivalent to a larger engine car - ensuring no watering down of performance or driving enjoyment, says Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. "These [cars] really define on a day-by-day basis what the brand really stands for: innovation, excitement and, in this case, very much for everyone," said Palmer. "This is a very affordable motorcar, but on the other hand it represents the best of Nissan monozukuri." Other advanced features include Nissan's breakthrough Around View Monitor technology, a first for a compact model that helps to take the stress out of parking in tight spaces. Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura says the Note's exterior gives a more sporty appearance, while improved aerodynamics further add to the car's fuel efficiency. One of the keys of this car is its fuel-efficiency," said Nakamura, speaking at the launch. "It is has a 1.2-liter super-charged engine. It's class-leading fuel economy and of course low CO2 emission. This is very important." The new Note will be made in Kyushu, southern Japan, with European production set for the UK next year as Nissan aims to make waves in the fiercely ...

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