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For many families, five seats arent enough, and no one knows this better than Nissan. For this reason, it has decided to launch an enlarged version of its Qashqai soft roader, dubbed the Qashqai +2. Realistically, you need three rows for three kids and even with two children, those extra seats are extremely handy for school runs or when granny and grandad pop over for a visit. Until now, that involved moving into an MPV or, if you want to keep that SUV utility, spending €41000 on a Hyundai Santa Fe or €39000 on a Mitsubishi Outlander. Once again, however, Nissan makes a mockery of the competition. For a mere €30585 the Nissan Qashqai+2 can be sitting on your driveway, looking even more handsome than the five-seater version thanks to its bigger bodywork and standard 17-inch alloy wheels. Speaking of standard equipment, the +2 also comes fitted with a panoramic glass roof (with an electric screen), roof rails, rear privacy glass and ESC on top of all the goodies featured on the five-seater model. As packages go, we can't remember the last time a car's spec sheet impressed us so much. As you'd expect, the rearmost seats don't exactly offer first-class space but they're fine for kids and the legroom can be extended by sliding the second row forward. For more information log onto

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