Videa Nissan Primera NISSAN PRIMERA P12 - A CLOSE LOOK


NISSAN P12 ESTATE 1.8 LITRE. Owned 2 years. NEGATIVE: Window mechanisms fail - especially drivers. Underpowered compared to other similar 1.8 litre cars, ie Vectra C. Computer style control panel fiddly and a nuisance. Heater struggles to clear huge panoramic screen compared to other cars. No side strips on door to avoid dents (although the Saab next to the Nissan on this video is the same!!). Front bonnet liable to stone chipping, oil filter awkward to get at. Exhaust heat shields can rattle and vibrate badly. Take 'em off and sling them away! POSITIVE: Reliable - usually sails through MOT test!! Full size spare wheel. Loads of room inside. Nice smooth ride compared to Vectra C. Excellent vision. ABS Brakes are sensational on these!! 6 AIRBAGS and 4 STAR NCAP. Easy to work on - most jobs can be done with your Morris Minor tools!! CHAIN DRIVEN CAM - no belts to worry about. Brake pads / discs simple to change. Spares available cheap off Ebay. Aircon. is ok but not spectacular. MPG falls slightly below Nissan quoted figures (even if you drive like Miss Marple). Good insurance bracket. Slightly elevated driving position - but rock solid at 90 mph in winds on Motorway. BUYING ONE? Make sure all warning lights GO ON AND THEN GO OFF. You MUST have a test drive or demo drive. These engines need to be smooth at all revs. If not WALK AWAY, no - RUN AWAY Check all electrics work. Remember that Renault had a big imput into the P12. Walk away from mega mileage minicab bargains ...

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