Video - Nissan Primera 2.0 TD(i) first start

Videa Nissan Primera Nissan Primera 2.0 TD(i) first start

Nissan Primera 2.0 TD(i) first start

First start of the engine, just to test for oil leaks etc. Engine/car spec (short version!) Car: 2000 Nissan Primera WP11-144 (station wagon) - T25 turbo (GT15 is original) - Front mount intercooler, - Mechanical injection (no electronics, diesel pump and engine block is Serena/Largo RWD CD20T) - Custom downpipe with screamer pipe!! - Greddy profecB boostcontroller - Shortshift - Z32 brake calipers with 323mm spacer kit - 350Z track edition rotors 323x30mm - Z32 EBC Green stuff brake pads - D2 Coilovers - Tanatabe sway bar, - Cusco upper arms - Superflex bushings front/rear + steering rack A lot more to come... :)

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