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Nissan primera 2.0 (2000)

In the autumn of 1999, Nissan gave the Primera a facelift, giving it a more modern front end with clear style headlamps featuring projector units—instead of the traditional Fresnel lens type. Nissan also introduced their "corporate identity" front, with the "flying wing" grille. The new code-name for this model was "P11-144". Along with the exterior changes, improved specification levels were present; with the entry level models such as the "S" featuring automatic climate control, driver, passenger, and side airbags. Further up the model range, other features were seen such as Xenon headlamps. A new "lean burn" 1.8 L petrol engine, the QG18DE was added to the range. This facelift was not generally applied outside Europe, with Nissan "formalized" the fronts of other Primeras and Caminos instead, bringing them into line with the look of the American Infiniti model.

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