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PIVO 3 is equipped with Automated Valet Parking (AVP), an ingenious system that saves time and effort when trying to find somewhere to park. PIVO 3 can park automatically in specially-equipped car parks, and will automatically connect to a power supply once it has found a space. Should PIVO 3 be carrying excess charge, it can sell this back to the local grid through the recharging point. When the driver is ready to collect PIVO 3, the retrieval process is triggered via a smartphone application. Even the most knowledgeable of urban drivers can take a wrong turn, so PIVO 3 can get motorists back on the right route quickly and safely thanks to its remarkably tight turning circle. Thanks to its compact frame and innovative in-wheel motors (IWM), PIVO 3 can turn through 180 degrees in just four metres. One of the most engaging features of PIVO 3 is the Robotic Agent Interface. This clever feature integrates and unites all the car's various technologies (AVP and charging facilities) into one interface. The car then acts as a personal assistant to the driver, selecting only the most relevant and helpful information for them to see and hear. Boldly styled inside and out, PIVO 3 perfectly matches form with function. From the extended front wheelarches to the large door apertures, PIVO 3 is designed with urban mobility in mind. The theme continues inside, where technology is employed to make the life of the city motorist simpler and more enjoyable. Side-view monitors take the place ...



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