Video - Nissan Patrol gets stuck in deep snow

Videa Nissan Patrol Nissan Patrol gets stuck in deep snow

Nissan Patrol gets stuck in deep snow

Started in LO gearing but without the rear locker engaged. Second attempt with rear differential locked. Third as well but the Patrol had probably gone a bit too fast what resulted in getting elevated on axles and caused the wheels to spin. Patrol got stuck...I tried to dig underneath it but eventually failed due to a lack of access from the sides. The tires are Bridgestone Blizzak 275/70 R16 - very good winter tyres that do exceptionally well even in deep snow. But at that time I wished I hadn't changed the tires from 33.5" 295/75 R16 BF Goodrich A/T that would've given me some extra ground clearance. Music: Kevin MacLeod Of course YouTube has fucked the quality of the video...



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