Video - Nissan Pathfinders at Elbe Hills 5/10/11

Videa Nissan Pathfinder Nissan Pathfinders at Elbe Hills 5/10/11

Nissan Pathfinders at Elbe Hills 5/10/11

Nissan Pathfinders at Elbe Hills 5/10/11. David (Mr.510) = Burgundy 2 Door Pathy on used-up 33x10.5 KOs Dennis (silverton) = Blue Station Wagon on 33x10.5 KM2s with no reverse! Mike (from Evans) = Light Blue 2 Door Pathy on 33x10.5 KM2s We ran every trail at Elbe except Swamp and the Busywild. I'm not dumb enough to try those two without a winch. What's up with the new mud hole ledge on Sunrise? I know they are supposed to be making that trail more technical but that spot was a real surprise. I don't think my Unimog would go up that without throwing rooster tails. The steel dust shield on Mike's T-case output popped out, that's what I was rattling under his Pathy. My drive shaft is OK, just scraped it up on those last two rocks. No vibration at speed. Dennis' Pathy got it's first dent, in his passenger's side rocker. It's officially a wheeler now. For more information on Nissan Pathfinders check out the Nissan Pathfinder Off Road Association (NPORA) at

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