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Nissan NV200 - Buyers' Guide - Nissan NV200 Buyers' Guide. In recent years much of Nissan's light commercial line-up has consisted of Renaults with different badges on. The Japanese manufacturer has decided to move away from badge engineering, however, and develop its own distinctive van range. Replacing Kubistar — a re-badged generation one Renault Kangoo — the NV200 is the first model to debut as a consequence of this change in policy. For you money you receive a vehicle with the on-the-road footprint of a short-wheelbase van but the cargo cube of one with a long wheelbase. You get a 4.2m3 load area, with a gross payload capacity of 783kg. Access is excellent thanks to twin asymmetric side-hinged rear doors and twin sliding side doors as standard. lthough Nissan is edging away from its French stablemate's designs, NV200 is nonetheless powered by a Renault 1.5-litre diesel pumping out 86hp at 3750rpm and hitched to a five-speed gearbox. Maximum torque of 200Nm is available at 2000rpm and CO2 output is a creditable 137g/km. A 106hp version of the 1.5-litre is said to be in the pipeline. ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Brake Assist are standard across the range while Electronic Stability Programme is offered as an option. Two levels of specification are listed; E and the more upmarket SE. In general driving conditions the ride is okay, but it can be upset by pot-holes; a situation we suspect could be improved by fitting 15in rather than 14in wheels, but this would increase the ...

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