Video - Nissan Navara/Frontier short review and test

Videa Nissan Navara Nissan Navara/Frontier short review and test

Nissan Navara/Frontier short review and test

Although this video is only short and limited information, it highlights the great versatility of the ute and its ability to go pretty much anywhere, this car has approximately 160000kms Good points: -Most hills are a breeze, with minimal power applied the Nav can climb up some steep grades even though this car seems to have a lack of low down power, it really doesn't -The traction is good; some hills that are hard to look at are even attemptable in 2WD -It is smooth to drive on road, with a decent amount of power, flat steering, smooth suspension and comfortable seats. -Plenty of room inside the cab (for a dual cab ute) and a nice deep tub for a good amount of carry space Bad Points: -After some relatively serious offloading the car shat an abs sensor -The Nissan snorkel (bought from Nissan) fails to seal at all at the air box making the idea of a snorkel negligible this makes driving in waters that pass the bonnet impossible -The clearance on this ute could be better, although aftermarket lift kits are available, compromising the awesome stock suspension on a daily drive vehicle would be stupid -There was some trouble with the electronic 4WD switch The bottom line: Given there have been some problems, they aren't engine issues and for that, I am grateful. Some people would say they would have many other 4WD utes within the same genre for their reliability, but none of them can compare to the power of the Navara. I test drove nearly every one of the Navara's opponents ...

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