Video - Nissan Navara fatal accident (destruction in seconds )

Videa Nissan Navara Nissan Navara fatal accident (destruction in seconds )

Nissan Navara fatal accident (destruction in seconds )

Accidents on the road M-7 in Petushki district of the Vladimir region near the village of Omutischi February 24. Nissan Navara car for the oncoming issued under the Freightliner. The driver of Nissan, the current one leg, and found part of it ... The girl wrote that she saw in this video how her friend died. His name was Alexander, said that was a good guy, an experienced driver. I was driving home to his wife and 2nd child ... February 24 happened. Funeral at 12:30 on February 28 in Balashikha ... The body is not given in the morgue ..... we (friends) looking for information on this accident, the day before .. it is a tragedy for us ... It's such grief. " Today, they copied the video and showed to his wife ... In general, all in shock. No one understands how it all happened. Here is the thing - when you write a summary and commentary, sometimes you do not see them living people, but when the personal element suddenly appears ... In general, the trouble and broken lives ... At 300 meters from the site of the accident (road M-7, Moscow - Ufa near the village of Omutischi) November 3, 2007 died Dedjushko actor Alexander, his wife and 8-year-old son. His Toyota Picnic is also here on the left for oncoming sale, though not sideways, but head-on. The road was in the snow was snow. Then write that on the Toyota is more or less preserved only the rear wheels and rear lights, and the remains of bodies went and collected the pieces. The people who ride there, says that rotten ...

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