Video - Nissan Navara D21 Turbo - Running with Nistune (VG30ET)

Videa Nissan Navara Nissan Navara D21 Turbo - Running with Nistune (VG30ET)

Nissan Navara D21 Turbo - Running with Nistune (VG30ET)

This is my minitruck project. Has a VG30ET from a Z31 300zx with a custom steampipe exhuast manifold (to clear the chassis rails and firewall), navara intake manifold, modified starter motor, fidanza alloy flywheel, synapse 40mm external gate and the original T3 Turbo (for now), Z32 TT 5 Speed G/B. I am also running a Nistune Type 1 board in the stock ECU and this is what is displaying the gauges etc on my laptop in the video. It is fully real-time programmable via USB, I really like it. This is only the second or third time it has run and it still isn't finished. It has no exhuast, just a 1 metre dump off the turbo, and doesn't have an O2 sensor yet. A couple of other sensors aren't hooked up either which it probably why it won't build boost properly. I'll be working to get it on the road soon though. Still got to do all the fiddly stuff like tidy wiring, speedo, fuel gauge, temp etc.

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