Video - Nissan Maxima 09 video with behind the scenes

Videa Nissan Maxima Nissan Maxima 09 video with behind the scenes

Nissan Maxima 09 video with behind the scenes

How did they do that... Granbery Studios is one of Orange County top production companies located in Costa Mesa California. Specializes in B2B and corporate communications along with advertising services. From TV commercials, corporate messaging Granbery Studios has the team for you. On this project were selected by George P Johnson Company working with Nissan NNA as a production partner for the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) press revile Video. The New Nissan Maxima was the star of the show and was a wonderful project to work on and had fantastic results. This spot was made with the latest and greatest in technology. We used the New RED camera shooting in 4K along with our custom Photobubble and 200000 watts of light just to name a few. Enjoy the show and the behind the scenes.

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