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Nissan LEAF UK Launch

First LEAFS arrive on UK shores in world's greenest ship The world's most energy efficient car carrier has brought 60 Nissan LEAFS to the Port of Tyne in preparation for the March 1st UK sales launch. Thanks to its unusual design the City of St Petersburg uses its aerodynamic bow to reduce wind resistance by 50% reducing CO2 emissions by 2500 tons per year. CO2 emissions reduction is a major focus for Nissan. The company is working not only to manufacture electric and environmentally-friendly vehicles, but also on the reduction of CO2 emissions during production, transport and sales processes Cars brought to the UK on board the ship are for distribution to 25 Nissan EV dealerships around the UK. LEAFS will continue to be imported from Japan until 2013 when production will begin at the Sunderland plant.

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