Video - Nissan Leaf Mule Quick Look - Kelley Blue Book

Videa Nissan Nuvu Nissan Leaf Mule Quick Look - Kelley Blue Book

Nissan Leaf Mule Quick Look - Kelley Blue Book

This Quick Glance is part of our newest Playlist: Bite-sized KBB. We'll feature rough cuts of first drives and press events to tide you over until we produce a full video. Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.'s Jack R. Nerad had the opportunity to see the new Nissan Leaf in Japan recently and offers his take: "Nissan has taken some hits for its approach to hybrid vehicles, which industry pundits have labeled laggardly, but now the company is hoping to leapfrog all others to the top of the environmentally friendly tree with the all-electric vehicle it calls the LEAF. Technological leaps found in the LEAF include an advanced Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack (Nissan has been researching Li-ion batteries since 1992) and a sophisticated car-driver interface that includes special efforts like emailing your PDA when your car has reached a full charge. Another leap, one of faith, is that a large enough number of consumers in the United States, Japan and other countries will be comfortable enough with a car that offers a range of just 100 miles to buy one." To continue reading Jack's take on the Leaf, visit KbbGreen at: To follow this editor on Twitter, visit For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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