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Nissan Leaf G '11

The 100 percent electric-powered Nissan Leaf represents the culmination of several decades of research and development in the area of electric vehicles that began in the 1970s. Powered exclusively by electric motor with its "fuel" coming from energy stored in a high-tech lithium-ion battery pack, the Nissan Leaf omits no CO2 or other harmful greenhouse gases while in operation. Thanks to the large amounts of torque at the electric motor produces, the Leaf's acceleration performance is very smooth and quick, similar to that of a car with large displacement engine. What's more, the electric motor is exceptionally quiet—the cabin stays virtually silent when driving at highway speed. There are several innovative design characteristics in the all-electric Leaf, one of them being the chassis that has been engineered to hold numerous lithium-ion battery cells. Here, the batteries are stacked horizontally beneath the front seat into the rear passenger foot area with additional batteries placed vertically underneath the rear seats. Nissan developed a special IT system called EV-IT that allows remote operation of the vehicle. The driver can turn on the air conditioning in advance, check the battery's energy level with their mobile phone and set the vehicle's navigation through a smart phone. The maximum driving range of the leaf measured in the LA4 driving mode in the United States is 99 km, making it an ideal commuter car in the big city. To find over 1000 descriptive car videos ...

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