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Nissan Leaf Demo

We had a unique opportunity to get some footage of the Nissan Leaf Tour that is going across the country. One of our contributors works at a Nissan Dealer and had the chance to drive the new Nissan Leaf. We are petrol heads here at The Car Life but we also see that technology advances are changing the manufacturers lineups rapidly. The Nissan Leaf is the first 100% electric car besides the Tesla roadster that will be for sale and able to drive on the road. Our guy on the inside was surprised at how well the car drives, how quiet it is, and how smoothly and effortless it accelerates. He went in thinking he wouldn't be impressed by it but came out thinking that electric cars can be the solution to the commuter vehicle. While we know that gasoline powered cars aren't going anywhere in the near future we do like to see unique advances in the industry. Nissan Leaf Drive Event: The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter: Watch the video in full 1080P for best video and sound quality.

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