Video - Nissan LEAF - A short evening drive in cold Michigan

Videa Nissan Leaf Nissan LEAF - A short evening drive in cold Michigan

Nissan LEAF - A short evening drive in cold Michigan

Finally purchased my first real camcorder, so this is more of a test of the night quality of the camera than it is a LEAF video. This segment takes a trip through Wayne, MI. I'm focusing on some of the instrumentation in the vehicle. Most LEAF owners probably don't drive in 26F conditions and would probably be appalled at my 2.8 mile per kWh energy economy. I'm running the heater constantly, it's cold, and oversized and overweight snow wheels and snow tires are installed (you can probably hear them)- so those three have a huge impact on range. Of lesser consequence: Heated steering wheel, heated seats, lights, AC, infotainment, etc... For those interested in how cold weather impacts range of the Nissan LEAF: When I left, the car was at 100% and it was 30F outside. I got to work, I parked the car (without plugging in), worked for 4 hours, then took the car out for a short trip on lunch at 34F. When I got back to work, I plugged in and trickle charged (120V) for about 4 hours. Then I left work (it was about 32F). When I got home, I had 1 bar remaining with 7 miles indicated on the range 'guess-o-meter' (no low battery warning), and it was 20F. Heater was 74F. At this rate, I'll probably need to plug in the entire time I'm at work since Michigan gets to the single digits or less in a typical January. Either that, or I need to convince work to install a 240V outlet so I can use my OpenEVSE.



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