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The Renault-Nissan Alliance today announced that Nissan and Reliant Energy of Houston, Texas, one of the major competitive electricity providers in the nation, have forged an agreement to advance zero-emission mobility in the United States. The announcement helps pave the way for the 2010 introduction of Nissan LEAF, the industrys first all-electric, zero-emission car designed for the mass market. The company expects to begin sales in late 2010. Reliant is a subsidiary of NRG Energy, one of the largest electricity generators in the United States. Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the agreement today at the kickoff of the Nissan LEAF Zero-Emission Tour, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, marking the first North American appearance of Nissan LEAF. The vehicle debut was followed by a panel discussion representing the key interests of the environmental, energy and air-quality communities. Participants included Ghosn, Mary D. Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board; David Crane, President & CEO, NRG Energy, of which Reliant is a subsidiary; and Patricia Monahan, Deputy Director, Clean Vehicles Program and Director of the California Office, Union of Concerned Scientists.

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