Video - Nissan Laurel 2,4E SLX Walkaround

Videa Nissan Laurel Nissan Laurel 2,4E SLX Walkaround

Nissan Laurel 2,4E SLX Walkaround

Title says it all. I'm kinda new to this filming thing so if you guys want to see anything of this car that I didn't include, just let me know, and I'll also make a video of where I describe the small faults on it when the weather is better. Filmed with Nokia N8 This car has a 2,4 straight 6 engine with direct fuel injection, 3-speed plus overdrive lockup automatic transmission, Aircondition, power windows and mirrors, tilt steering wheel, independent rear suspension with a limited slip differential, power antenna (removed by one of the previous owners) and lots more.

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