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Nissan Land Glider EV Concept

Is it a Car or a Motorcycle? Nissan's planning and design team were given a challenge: to explore new forms of zero emission mobility that redefined existing segments. The result was a radical new vehicle that combines the company's vision for future urban mobility with Nissan's great driving heritage. In creating the Land Glider concept, Nissan planners and designers have conceived a totally new form of personal zero emission mobility that combines clever, new driving experiences, all in the one compact, 4-wheeled package. With more than 50% of the world's population living in big cities in the near future, designers latched onto motorcycles as a credible base to start the design process. While the agility, thrills and freedom of bikes inspired the designers and engineers, an extra spice was added to the mix. Tandem architecture became the obvious choice. A unique two-seater, cocoon-like structure sitting on a zero emission powertrain. With four-wheel stability and a sense of safety that originates from a tilting cabin, the Land Glider will appeal to both two- and four-wheel driving enthusiasts. Targeted at city dwellers of all generations, the Land Glider is a serious motoring statement of the new era of mobility that Nissan intends to lead. SPECIFICATIONS Overall Length (mm) 3100 Overall Width (mm) 1100 Overall Height (mm) 1415 Wheelbase (mm) 2180 Seating Capacity 2

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