Video - Nissan Juke-R reveal promo

Videa Nissan Juke Nissan Juke-R reveal promo

Nissan Juke-R reveal promo

High-res photos: Nissan has released new information about the Juke-R. Described as the "most testosterone-packed compact crossover in the world," the concept has a matte black exterior with an aerodynamic body kit and 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Inside, there are twin racing seats, a roll cage and a GT-R steering wheel. Other highlights include aluminum pedals, a revised instrument cluster and a seven-inch touchscreen display. Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.8-liter engine with 480 hp (486 PS / 358 kW). The model will begin testing later this month, so expect performance figures to be released shortly.

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