Video - Nissan Juke-R Official 2011 [HD] (Option Auto News)

Videa Nissan Juke Nissan Juke-R Official 2011 [HD] (Option Auto News)

Nissan Juke-R Official 2011 [HD] (Option Auto News)

Nissan Juke-R The car's unique, impactful styling places Juke's curves and lines over GT-R's 3.8-litre engine, drivetrain and suspension, making Juke-R the most testosterone-packed compact crossover in the world. It is a force to be reckoned with not only in performance but also in its bold and menacing design. Large, provocative vents in the front bumper provide cooling for the Juke-R's twin turbo V6 engine, while subtle submerged ducts in the bonnet help draw air through the engine bay. Flared wheel arches cover the GT-R's 20-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels to merge with a new sculpted skirting. At the back of the car a dynamic split rear wing provides the supercar crossover with downforce, while twin pentagonal exhausts emit the GT-R's evocative engine note. Inside, the Juke's motorcycle-inspired console is at the centre of a modified interior cabin fitted out to go racing complete with twin race seats, full race harness and a race-spec roll cage. GT-R steering wheel, pedals, dials and 7-inch touch-screen display are built into a modified version of Juke's dashboard. Officially announced by Nissan Europe in October, Juke-R is not a production car but a special, road legal concept car. Two versions of the Juke-R are being created - one in left-hand-drive and one in right-hand-drive. Juke-R will go into testing in late November before it's unleashed on the world to take on the urban playground.

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