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Videa Nissan Juke Nissan Juke, Exclusive Evans Halshaw Review

Nissan Juke, Exclusive Evans Halshaw Review

The new kid on the Nissan block is the Juke, is the younger brother of the Qashqai. It's had to pull out some stops to beat the success of the Qashqai and Nissan have made sure this supermini will live up to the hype of its older brother. The mini crossover has taken on a number of features from the Nissan family including the sloping roof from the GTR and the broad shoulders of the 370Z Described as a compact SUV meets a sports car this curvy car not only looks the part but it can move to, the 1.6 turbo charged engine goes from 0-62mph in 8 seconds. The high front end with its seventies inspired rally headlights gives the Juke a bold and boastful look, adding to its prowess on the road. The exaggerated wheel arches and 17 inch alloy add to the curviness of this unique supermini. The interior lives up to the exterior and boasts a large centre console that mimics the shape of a motorbike fuel tank, which is available in two colours. Integrated into the consol is an array of gadgets including the new Nissan Dynamic Control System that features a screen and buttons that change function depending on mode. In one mode they control the air conditioning, in another the driving experience. The Juke is as practical as it is quirky, unlike other superminis in its class it has a large 251 litre boot, which can be extended with flat folding rear seats, as well as an under floor storage compartment for delicate items. With all theses features as well as its unique looks its safe to ...

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