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Nissan Juke - Built to thrill

Drawing on Nissan's strong heritage in innovation leadership, the campaign conveys the feeling of excitement behind Nissan creations. A car inspired by adventure sports and designed out of a search for excitement, the Nissan JUKE is unique; its energy, contagious; and its attitude reflective of Nissan's dedication to innovation. CREDITS Credits: Project: NISSAN JUKE "Built to Thrill" Clients : Bruno Mattucci, Arnaud Charpentier, Timothée Gazeau, Thomas Rodier, Elena Karpenko Agencies: TBWA\G1, TBWA London, \Else Creative director: Alasdhair MacGregor-Hastie Creative team: Fabio Abram & Braulio Kuwabara Account Management: Ewan Veitch, Celina Eude, Eva Gotteland, Thien-Huong Pham, Gaelle Guillou TV Producer: Maxime Boiron Production: Henry De Czar Director: Lieven Van Baelen DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis Executive Producer: Jean Ozannat Line Producer: Louis Saint Calbre FX: Mikros Executive Vfx Producer: Jean-Lin Roig Vfx Producer: Christophe Huchet Vfx Supervisor: Antoine Carlon Vfx Shooting Supervisor: Antoine Carlon & Laurent Creusot Head of 3D Studio, commercials: Julien Meesters Sound Producer: Benoit Dunaigre Production and sound design: \Else Composer: The Horrors Title of the music: "The Kraken" Publishing house of the music Chrysalis Label: Beggars / XL

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