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Nissan JUKE all 7 colors (

Nissan JUKE of all colors sold in Japan market. Order of appearances: 1. Radiant Red (USDM: Cayenne Red) 2. Sapphire Black 3. Pacific Blue (USDM: Electric Blue) 4. Meteorite Brown (USDM: Metallic Bronze) 5. White Pearl 6. Dark Metal Gray (USDM: Gun Metallic) 7. Diamond Silver (USDM: Chrome Silver) Note: - Some color names are different between Japan and other countries although the actual color being the same. This video has USDM (US Domestic Market) color names for reference, but these are only my GUESS. It could really be another different color in US. - "Graphite Blue" is a USDM color (not sold in Japan). [Nissan JUKE specs] Trim: 15RX Size: 4135 x 1765 x 1565mm Weight: 1170kg Drive Method: FF Engine: HR15DE (1.5L) Horsepower: 84kW (114PS) /6000rpm Torque: 150Nm (15.3kgfm) /4000rpm Above is JDM spec. On November 2010, 1.6L + turbo engine producing 190ps/24.5kgfm with 4WD, and few other trims (NA/diesel engine, FF) will be introduced to US, Europe, and Japan. [website] US: UK: Japan:

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