Video - Nissan GTR in SRI LANKA - 2010

Videa Nissan Double Cab Nissan GTR in SRI LANKA - 2010

Nissan GTR in SRI LANKA - 2010

Sri Lankan government has slashed the taxes on car imports by 50% with effect from (1-07-2010) in response to the request of the importers who lamented that vehicle imports had come down by 90% last year due to high taxes levied. Toyota Lanka has slashed the price of 4-wheel drive double cab by more than four million rupees. The 10.5 million rupee 4WD Hiluxe Toyota is now a more attractive six million. Sri Lanka war is now over and the country is developing faster than ever. If you are Sri Lankan, and if you left the country because of the war,come back! The Island's about to flourish and you don't want to miss it!

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