Video - Nissan GT-R Invasion at the Nordschleife!

Videa Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R Invasion at the Nordschleife!

Nissan GT-R Invasion at the Nordschleife!

Like the Porsche 997 GT3 RS and the BMW M3 is the Nissan GT-R also a favorite ring car! In this video you see alot GT-R's what I have filmed on the Nordschleife - Nurburgring this year. So if you've never seen a Nissan GT-R, go to the Nordschleife in Germany One of the best places in the world :) Ihope you 'like' the video and don't forget to leave a comment here below :) Thanks for watching! Subscribe to see more cars on the Nordschleife in the future! CvdZijden Check also my second car channel: Please visit and subscribe if you like and Facebook page:

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