Video - Nissan Frontier Navara - Tough Breed / High Power / True Economy-Efficient

Videa Nissan Double Cab Nissan Frontier Navara - Tough Breed / High Power / True Economy-Efficient

Nissan Frontier Navara - Tough Breed / High Power / True Economy-Efficient

And now... Nissan. Yes, the newer model year of D40 Frontier Navara models which just shortened to just Navara officially just like around the globe (but I like Frontier name, not Navara). And yes, a new tide of change. Only quite irresistable serious changes more than ever. Underneath same concept: ECO & PWR. What updated at exterior: new chrome side mirror with side turning lamp, newer rear lamp, new marks at sides before front doors. some exterior colors dropped (such as Desert Gold). Standard body 4x2 models now available in two trims only: SE, XE Single Cab. Because as we can see for 4x2 models, Nissan now emphasizing the Calibre models more than ever before. That's why there are 10 Calibre models from now on. 5 King Cabs and 5 Double Cabs. But what interesting of this change maybe at Interior. Interior of Calibre models features a new color: Gray Graphite. And that also meant the exclusive package. Because these equipments available exclusively to Navara Calibre with Gray Graphite interior: Auto-Cruise Control, 7" touchscreen with DVD built-in player and Multimedia Entertainment System (LE only). If you bought 4x4 model, you'll also get all these even not Gray Graphite interior (King Cab 4x4 has only 4 speakers while Double Cab 4x4 has 6). Double Cab 4x4 and Calibre will recieve the sporty roof rack fitted from factory for the first time. But I'd say that's very late. Additionally, King Cab Calibre with 5AT available for the first time as LE grade of 4x2 standard ...

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