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Videa Nissan Double Cab Nissan Frontier Navara: ECO & PWR

Nissan Frontier Navara: ECO & PWR

Back to Frontier Navara. Quite nothing change much but re-focused to the competition on the market nowadays. By newer concept: ECO & PWR. For more confidence choice to buyers before year ends. In ECO or economy meant the transmissions to perform that: 5AT derived from Z car and uniquely 6-speed manual transmission (still only Nissan have that for one tonner). While PWR meant power: YD25DDTi in 2 classes of power. 144HP for 4x2 and 174HP for 4x4. And one "torque-reduced" 144HP for King Cab XE 5MT and single cab 4x2. They were all Variable Nozzle Turbo equipped. However Nissan hade made sure that they're powerful but not too much for torture the fuel. Underneath "Eco-Power Drive Commonrail" concept. But what to present for this time is: Calibre Double Cab 5AT (with leather upholstery and dual airbags). And 3 limited edition models in white: Double Cab 5AT Double Cab 6MT King Cab 6MT (Sport bar and spray liner are optional extras) Additionally, new stickers added to most Frontier Navara models.

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