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Nissan Frontier Navara Calibre

Nissan finally joined lifted 4x2 pickup market, with the new D40 Frontier Navara Calibre. Frontier Navara's difference of height between 4x2 and 4x4 is 35mm. Now with Frontier Navara Calibre, the 4x2 with 1780mm height. Lifted 4x2 of course. Exterior all dressed just like 4x4, only with Calibre sticker. Available as King Cab and Double Cab but no 5AT. 2.5 YDDTi is maintained 4x2 formula: 144PS 356nm. This Nissan ad also featured Tik-Jessadaporn Bholdee as new male product ambassador. The tagline is: The new excitement of the concrete jungle. So things maybe looked wild here. Now all 8 brands in Thai have one-tonner choices as lifted 4x2 (Tata Xenon is already born-and-lifted).

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