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Videa Nissan Frontier Nissan Frontier Crew Cab In Depth Review

Nissan Frontier Crew Cab In Depth Review

Ironically the day after I uploaded this video my truck broke down. The AAA guy tested the Battery & Starter but could find nothing wrong. So I loaded it on a flatbed and towed it to my mechanic. It took him 20 minutes to find the problem: There is a little black plastic screw that engages the clutch sensor. So when you push the clutch down and turn the key the truck will start. Without that little plastic screw the sensor was disengaged even with the clutch down. He stuck a screw with a bolt in it until the plastic screw comes in. I took a video of this problem but it is easy to see. Just look near the top of your clutch peddle and you will see the sensor that needs to be engaged. Press the clutch down with your hand and you will see how the sensor works. Pretty simple - learn something new with each tow... This video is a slight departure from my pool "How to" videos. It is a review of my pool service work truck: 2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. I cover the interior features, fuel economy, mechanical problems that I have with the truck and the exterior. It has been a decent truck. I really wear it out driving it everyday. It's been paid off since 2006 which is good because I have dumped a boat load of money into the maintenance of the truck, about $7500 over the last 7 years. Here is a look at the services I had done that are listed in the video: On 4th set of front brakes... Rear brakes done 125000 miles Rear Rotors 125000 miles Timimg Chain 105000 miles Front Rotors ...



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