Video - Nissan Frontier Coolant/ATF Contamination

Videa Nissan Frontier Nissan Frontier Coolant/ATF Contamination

Nissan Frontier Coolant/ATF Contamination

It appears that the transmission cooler along the bottom of the factory radiator has failed on me, allowing the coolant and transmission fluid to cross-contaminate. I should have said that Nissan hasn't FULLY aknowledged the problem, in my opinion, of course. Sure, extending the warranty 3 years is nice, but I believe this should be an immediate recall for vehicles that could possibly have a defective radiator. This video was to document that I found transmission fluid in my coolant, but this also means there must be coolant in my transmission, which is the more detrimental of the two situations. This issue does not only lead to expensive repairs, but if your transmission were to fail on a busy interstate, it could potentially be very dangerous as well. Link to the class action lawsuit filed against Nissan, please join if you have had any related issues.



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