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Nissan Figaro for sale

In the early 1990s, the Nissan car company in Japan built a small sports car called the Nissan Figaro. There is a picture of one on the website. It has a retro look. That means that it was designed to look old-fashioned -- as if it had been built in the 1950's. Some people love them. Other people hate them. Recently the Nissan Figaro has become a cult car in Britain. That means that Figaro owners think of themselves as a very special group of people, superior to ordinary folk who drive ordinary cars like the Ford Focus or the Renault Megane. They look after their Figaros with great care, and probably polish them every Sunday. They belong to special clubs for people who own Figaros. There are even rumours that the famous guitarist Eric Clapton has a Nissan Figaro. Nissan built only 20000 Figaros, and sold only a few of them in Britain. Recently, car dealers have started importing used Figaros from Japan to sell here. (Why from Japan? Because in Japan, people drive on the left , as we do in Britain.) I am sure that you would like to have a Nissan Figaro, wouldn't you? There was a story in the newspapers recently about a young man called Jack Neal. Jack wanted a Figaro. He found one on the internet auction site, e-Bay. It was pink, and he fell in love with it. So he clicked the button which said "Buy Now", and the car was his. The next morning Jack told his parents what he had done. "I have bought a car", he told them. They were surprised, because Jack is only three years ...




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