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Nissan: Bubble

Nissan Sentra âBubbleâ creates the right amount of intrigue and cinematic magic. Shot with TBWA Toronto and directed by Holiday Films visual storyteller Luis Gerard. Post fx done by The Vanity and Loki VFX, edited by Mark Morton at School Editing and music by Vapor, it was a great collaboration from beginning to end. Category: Automotive Client: Nissan Agency: TBWA Toronto Production: Holiday Films, Toronto Country: Canada Director: Luis Gerard Executive Creative Director: Jack Neary Creative Director: Allen Oke Creative Director: Mark Mason Art Director: Roger Eyre Copywriter: JONATHAN SMITH Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata Agency Producer: Vanessa Birze Editorial: Off Line: School Editing Editor: Mark Morton Assistant Editor: Lauren Piche Executive Producer: Amanda Lariviere On Line: The Vanity VFX Supervisor: Naveen Srivastava Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington CG Artist: Loki VFX â Gene Dreitser Colour: Alter Ego Colourist: Erip Whipp Music | Sound: Vapor Music President/CD/Composer: Joey Serlin Executive Producer: Lindsey Bates The TV Commercial titled Bubble was done by Tbwa\toronto advertising agency for product: Nissan Sentra (brand: Nissan) in Canada. It was released in the Apr 2011. Business sector is: Cars.

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