Video - Nissan Altima's Cross Identity Crisis

Videa Nissan Altima Nissan Altima's Cross Identity Crisis

Nissan Altima's Cross Identity Crisis

Automotive Robo Tech was called to a shop and a 1999 Nissan Altima with a 2.4 liter, that had no spark after a recent engine replacement. The repair shop purchased the engine from the salvage yard and was under the assumption that the issue lied somewhere in the replacement engine. Rather than do another engine swap, they decided to take a crack at it. The shop replace the crank and cam sensor, as well as the ignition module. They also did a tune up, which it needed anyways, as part of the engine job. None of these measures took care of the problem, and the engine still didn't start. It was then, that the shop decided to call me in for assistance. As soon as I got to the shop, I developed a game plan of attack. I thought of going straight to the oscilloscope to look at the ignition system, but going from previous experience, I decided to stick to procedure. So I grabbed my OBD 2 scan tool to do a code analysis. I got a P0335, or Crankshaft Position Sensor, Circuit Malfunction code, and a P0350, Ignition Coil Primary, or Secondary Circuit Malfunction. After viewing the freeze frames, I did what I almost never do. Since it was a no start anyways, I erased codes. I then cranked the engine and the codes came back on immediately. But why was the crank sensor code still there? That caught my attention from the beginning! What were you hiding from me, little Nissan? At this point in time, I opted for my graphing multi meter to perform an ignition analysis. I connected the ...

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