Video - Nissan Almera N17 (with Sideswipe)

Videa Nissan Almera Nissan Almera N17 (with Sideswipe)

Nissan Almera N17 (with Sideswipe)

Time of flood like this really postponed my several works to be uploaded to my YouTube channel. One among these is this, now it has found its day to be on here. Now, follow Sideswipe to see the public debut event of Nissan's L02B sedan which named Almera "N17" and positioned below B-Segment for Thai market. Yes, Thailand's turn now. Unlike any L02B in other markets (included USA). Even in a month with flood crisis like this, Almera's total reserve cue (not just from this debut event but also from dealers nationwide) just started quite beautifully. After Nissan just stay in Thailand without small sedan to jam with 2 best B-segment sedans of the market. Nissan at last changed something for it after the successful of March. That is, Nissan just slotted it as Eco Car that positioned below B-Segment; but that just let Nissan's latest product to be first of its kind in Thai market. So it is a little striking surprise before other guy would take that chance away. And yes, another Nissan with "Pure Drive", not just badge but technologies for fuel saving and reduce the footprint of emission. While the Almera models themselves just brought surprises in different forms each. From lowest price like of that of C-segment cars in 90's to farsightedness innovations beyond class. All just got everything that goes to be Eco Car, and underneath BOI deal. And because this version of L02B officially called Almera in Thailand, so it beared N17 codename after 2 generations of predecessors (N15 ...

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