Video - Nissan 370Z - Fast Intentions Exhaust

Videa Nissan 370Z Nissan 370Z - Fast Intentions Exhaust

Nissan 370Z - Fast Intentions Exhaust

This is the best recording available of the Cat Back exhaust system by Fast Intentions (believe me, I've looked). And it ought to be. We used over to $4000 worth of equipment to make it (full list below). Admittedly, it might be overkill, but it was a labor of love. :) To get the most out of it, you really should listen through good headphones or speakers (ie, not your laptop speakers!). In any case, Fast Intentions makes a fantastic product that you should definitely check out: Also, if you're so inclined, check out my band, The Mountain Ears (we recorded all the music on the video) Equipment: AKG C1000S Shure SM57 AKG D112 Sennheiser e609 Cascade Microphones Fathead II Presonus Firestudio Project Logic Pro MacBook Pro

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