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Videa Nissan 350Z Nissan 350z Single Turbo**ADVAN**For Sale

Nissan 350z Single Turbo**ADVAN**For Sale

Hi this car is for sale for $18000 USC. If you are interested you can call me @ 646 241 8759 or just go to the eBay. *Turbonetics Single Turbo Kit (3500 miles on it) (T3/T4 Hybrid or Custom T04E) and Spearco Intercooler System *JIC Magic 3" DE type 2 Exhaust *Defi Blue Boost Gauge *AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge *Aerosync Bumper with C-west Carbon Fiber Canards & CF Varis Air Duct *Seibon Top Secret Style Carbon Fiber Hood 07+ with Aerocatch Hood Pins *Mastergrade Carbon Fiber Asuka Style Hatch *Mastergrade Carbon Fiber Top Secret style Rear Diffuser *F1 style Carbon Fiber Side View Mirrors *S2000 Antena *Yokohama Advan RS Wheels 18x10 +25 Front and Rear (300 miles on the wheels) *Nitto Tires NT05 Front 265/35/18 Rear 275/35/18 (300 miles on the tires) *Ray's Blue Lug Nuts *Eibach Pro-Kit springs *Eibach Rear Camber/Toe Kit *TiTEK Magnetic Drain Plug Car made 365whp / 379wtq at 8.5psi

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