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Nissan 350Z Fuel Mileage

Some people in the past have said some stupid things about my 350Z being a gas guzzler... not so! On the highway I regularly get 31+mpg with the AC on which is on par with the 4 cylinder Acura that I had previously.... and my 350Z gets even better mileage on the highway in the moutains, as the fuel injectors completely shut off when you're on the downhill and the car pushes the engine. Don't even think to say that the computer on the dash isn't accurate because when I calculate the math at the pump its always correct within 5/100ths of a gallon. Sure if you drive it like an idiot stomping the throttle wide open all the time it will suck gas faster than you can imagine, but if you learn a little about hypermiling, you can do far better than I do. Some may ask why I get better gas mileage than the car is specified at and its simple... AND THE MOST OF IT IS ALL ABOUT DRIVER HABITS! 1. I put an extra 4 PSI into each tire 2. I always run a clean air filter 3. Don't leave the engine running when not moving 4. Be gentle on the throttle 5. I learned to shift better 6. KEEP UP YOUR MOMENTUM A: taking routes that have less traffic or traffic lights or other unnecessary stops. B: drafting behind other well-moving traffic C: coasting (in gear) to stops I can still do better by shutting the car off at traffic lights, or turning off the air-conditioning, or by chainging the pulleys under the hood and underdriving the accessories, but that just seems a bit extreme and geeky to me ...

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