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Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

After being stored for a couple of years, we finally got a chance to take the 1990 Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo out for a few weeks! We have had the car since 1993. It is stock with about 120000 kms on it. 3.0 Litre V6 Twin Turbo charged engine making 300 bhp @ 6400 rpm (101.35 bhp per litre) and 283.0 ft lbs @ 3600 rpm. It's a 2 seater with a 5 speed, rear wheel drive and 4 wheel steering! Motor Trend Magazine named it Import Car of the Year in 1990 and Road & Track named the 300ZX Turbo as One of the Ten Best Cars in the World. The car could have been cleaner and detailed a bit better, but oh well! The movie was shot completely using the GoPro HD camera. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! Royalty free background music is called "Long Road Ahead" by Kevin MacLeod,

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