Video - Nissan 300ZX For Sale or Trade! (Fresno,ca)

Videa Nissan Trade Nissan 300ZX For Sale or Trade! (Fresno,ca)

Nissan 300ZX For Sale or Trade! (Fresno,ca)

Selling my nissan 300zx for 4000$ or trading it straight up for another 300zx but colors red or black only mines leather inside so i want leather on the one you have. or let me know what car you got. Well the goods its my daily car engine has about 12k miles on it, but metere has about 180,xxx miles. ac works heater works no check engine light the bads front driver seat is in bad condition and passenger is not as bad. has a dent in the back left rear on the dge easy fix, it has accouple of dings on the passanger door easy fix aswell. 2 of the plastic coil packs are broken but i use gorrila glue to hold them down those are 5$ each a 10 dallor fix but no time. the raidiator has a loose pump a 10$ hose is needed but dose not affect the car this car is a beast and fast! if you need anything else txt me or email me at or txt me at 559-288-4872 dont really wanna sell it unless its 4000$ or i will straight up just trade for a red 300zx z32 years 91 and up mine is a 1991

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