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Videa Nissan 300ZX Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z) Turbo

Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z) Turbo

300ZX is the name given, in much of the world, to the "Z31" and "Z32" generations of Nissan's Z sports car. Like all other versions of the Z-Car, it was sold in Japan as the Fairlady Z, regardless of model year. Sold on the Japanese market from 1983 through 2000 and in the United States from 1984 through 1996, the 300ZX name followed the numerical convention initiated with the 240Z, put forth by Yutaka Katayama, the one time president of Nissan Motors USA. The "X" designation had debuted with the previous generation Z car, the 280ZX, to signify the presence of luxury and comfort oriented features. The Z31 model of 1983 through 1989 was the more popular model, with over 100000 more units sold than the Z32. Please Like me on facebook; Twitter @ActionKing787 Get a text message each time I upload a new video! You can opt-out at any time and your information is kept confidential! Subscribe today

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