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Nissan 240SX Drive

Hey everyone... I was driving in Irwindale earlier yesterday (7/14/07) and came across a 240SX... At first I thought they were there to meet some people to race but later found out that it was a kid learning how to drive, the guy in the passenger seat owned that car... I told him I was filming because im trying to make a Import Racing DVD coming up soon... I told him my myspace url to it. As you can tell, hes new because he stalled the car once already. The scanner is just to look out for any cops in the area... usually if I hear my car description i'll usually take off and go somewhere else... *UPDATE* 6/6/08: Scanner is a RadioShack Pro-2051 Triple Trunking Scanner and includes both AC and DC Adapters. It has a little telescoping antenna and supports connection of an OPTIONAL external antenna, I chose a Glass Antenna for $29.99 at RadioShack. View information about the scanner here: This scanner I think is Discontinued, I cant find prices anywhere...

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