Video - Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET Night Ride Chill Drift

Videa Nissan 200SX Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET Night Ride Chill Drift

Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET Night Ride Chill Drift

Just a few "safer" onboard sequences from last nights ride (which some would consider practice). The car is a S13 Nissan 200SX (180sx in japan, fastback version of the Silvia) with a SR20DET Red Top engine. It's currently being built and it doesn't have many upgrades at the moment. The pre-turbo gasket is leaking badly so I'm losing precious spool & boost (only goes from 5000 rpm onwards and 0.4 bar of boost max instead of 0.5 stock). The tires in this video are at the end of their life. Diff is welded, rear subframe collars, custom hard suspension, fmic, 76mm exhaust and CAI. That's about it. Hopefully my next vid will be much nicer. I don't condone such driving on public roads, we just don't have a choice - no tracks here - and if you're going to do it at least do it at 3-4AM so nobody is put at risk. Music is a Lounge/Chill remix of ATB's Behind. Cheers and take care. Octav

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