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Nissan 200Sx S13

This is just a video that i quickly made, dont mind the editing because its about the car :) Anyway it rained that night, so the ground was nicely wet. Dont know if you like it or not.. But anyway i dont care if u dont :P Cause i am driving, and you are sitting behind your computer :) Goodluck Engine Setup Stage 1 Chip Walbro fuelpump Larger Intercooler Visco Dif (Both rear wheels go) S14 Front Brakes Manual b-controller (1,1 bar) *220hp+- And a Hks Bov, but that won't help performance :P The car also makes the nice turbo to airfilter whistle, (compressor surge) but sadly u cannot hear it on this video.. I check the comments for questions, bye

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