Video - Nissan 200SX getting cleaned up

Videa Nissan 200SX Nissan 200SX getting cleaned up

Nissan 200SX getting cleaned up It was a beautiful day last Sunday and therefore we decided to wash the car. I went with Freek kops and his Nissan 200SX to the car wash washing boxes to get that Bayside-Blue color back shining again. After we were finished we went for a drive. This car has been modified with bigger brakes, BC suspension and the CA18DET engine is tuned to 310bhp/320Nm. The car will be further tuned with an Tomei modified cylinder head and a body kit to fit with the performances. Special thanks to Freek Kops and his Nissan 200SX and Sander de Jongh with providing a camera car that could keep up!



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