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Nissan 200SX

Footage of my old Nissan 200SX-T S13. I sold it a few years back, but admittedly I miss it like hell! Costomized as follows: Lowered 40mm 16" OZ Racing Super Tourismo rims Rear spoiler from a Saab 9000 Talladega 3" exhaust system (home-welded by myself) GIK Stage 2 tuning chip K&N Open Air filter Birba Racing white gauges Black tinted windows Dark red custom interior etc. The filming itself is emberrasing in it's crappiness, but to the catchy hard rocking tune "Dialogue with the stars" by In Flames, it's not half bad if I may say so myself! Enjoy!

nissan, 200sx, s13, turbo, black, ca18det



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