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Videa Nissan 350Z NISMO 380RS (Nissan 350Z)

NISMO 380RS (Nissan 350Z)

NISMO 380RS is an even more race-car oriented version of Fairlady Z Version NISMO (350Z Version NISMO). NISMO 380RS has a 3.8L engine that was each hand-built by NISMO mechanics. Therefore, only 1 engine was produced every day in the beginning of production (later 2/day due to NISMO's improvement on operation), until they stopped at 300th. There are only 300 of NISMO 380RS. [Specs] Vehicle Name: Fairlady Z Version NISMO Type 380RS Base Vehicle: 2007 Nissan CBA-Z33 Price: 5397000JPY (approx. 63000USD) Dimention: 4420 x 1840 x 1305mm Weight: 1510kg Mission: 6MT Engine: VQ35HR (3.8L modified DOHC V6) Displacement: 3798cc Horsepower: 350ps/7200rpm Torque: 40.5kg/4800rpm Tires: F-245/40R18, R-275/35R19 [NISMO's 380RS Website]

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