Video - Nisan Maxima / Cefiro A32 Tanay Marilaque Touge Run

Videa Nissan Urge Nisan Maxima / Cefiro A32 Tanay Marilaque Touge Run

Nisan Maxima / Cefiro A32 Tanay Marilaque Touge Run

First of all... I don't own the song playing in this vid. The songs belong to "Never the Strangers" I happen to play their CD while going downhill :P. Serious question though... Is it copyright infringement to record something while a song is playing in the background? And sorry for the audio quality when I randomly blurt out words :|... I think cellphone mics hate my voice :|... Back to topic: Wahahaha... I dunno why but I had the sudden urge to bring the Cefiro to Tanay :|. It's sloooooooow! Stock VQ20DE + Heavy body is not ideal for the twisties... That paired with Yoko A.Drives in front, and 4 year old Goodyears at the back (that apparently had the wires showing already). And the brakes are super spongy no matter how many times I bleed it :|... Though I don't think that it's more of a boat than a stock Civic FD, but the Civic would still kick ass... Heck I think a friend's Mazda 3 with bald tires would be faster hahahaha. This car belongs in the city and the highway hahaha. It felt so out of its element up there :P. It's a full 1:15 slower that my Lancer on this segment of Tanay we call the playground :|...

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